Iridium 69& Perseids (8/13)

ykChia (
Sat, 07 Aug 1999 23:32:25 +0800

Hi folks:

    Watched Iridium 69 flares on time near Scorpion Sting as predicted
using both GSOC and SkyMap early in the night  8/12 . Spend 5 hours
under moderately clear sky catching the Perseids from 0100~0500 hours
8/13. Hourly rate appears to be low 1-2.

    The Perseids seen are really spectacular- pretty bright, the
yellowish-orange 'tear-drop' shape meteor (a few degrees in size)
transverse great span of angles (>40 degrees), with  slow velocity (at
least 2-3 seconds).

    Reached  home around 5:40am, take a large 'dose' of nescaffe and
gone to work 6:30am. Survive a hectic Black Friday working day( without
sleeping for a straight 30+ hours)..


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