Iridium Observations
Sat, 7 Aug 1999 14:48:31 EDT

On 02 August 1999 I saw a -2 flare from Iridium 49 at 22:22:09.  Seemed a 
little brighter than -2.  It flickered, as though it were rotating at 7 times 
per second.  It then dimmed to about +1, where it stayed visible in my 
light-polluted skies until about 22:23:10.

On 04 August 1999 I saw a -1 flare from Iridium 25.  This is the first one 
that I have tracked in binoculars.  I tracked it for about a minute or two 
until it dropped to +5 to +7 in brightness.

Am I correct in remebering that Iridiums are about 800 kilometers up?

BTW, when I was recently in New York state (DARK!), I saw two HIGH 
(slow-moving) satellites, naked eye, +7 or +8, going with a half-dozen 
meteors.  "Free-form" observing - I was just looking at the sky, and 
satellites orbited overhead.