Secondary Iridium Flare + Spot 3
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 16:54:51 EDT

Hello everyone.

Iridium 45 flared to the predicted -1 mag at 02:19:26 UTC, 5 August (Last evening EDT).  At 02:19.54 (85az, 45el) it flared again for 4 seconds to a +1 magnitude.  There are other flares predicted for the next few days at my location at about the same time and location in the sky.  Hopefully a pattern will develop.

Spot 3 (22823) (90az, 45el) had another unusual flash pattern last evening (02:00 UTC 5 August). The main flashes were about 17 seconds apart.  There were bright (1x) secondary flashes about 4.5 seconds after the primary.   

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