Wed, 4 Aug 1999 20:12:09 +0200


I saw an unidentified satellite last night from my home in Chesapeake,
Virginia, USA (36.7653N, 76.2178W).  The bird culminated its pass at
approximately 2217 EDT (0217 UT 8/4/99) running almost directly south to
north and near zenith in the sky.  Also, it appeared to tumble and flash
rather erratically and brightly.

I couldn't find any likely candidates using SatSpy 3.0 and the latest elset
from www.dransom.com.  Also, none of the sats listed in the GSOC/DLR visible
satellite passes printout for the evening looked like the right one.  I
would love to know which one it was so I could watch for it again.

Any suggestions?