Aug 3/4 Obs

Mike DiMuzio (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 05:00:45 +0000

Okean-O Rk -- This is already showing a more complex flash pattern
just after coming out of Earth's shadow.  Instead of a nice 2 flash
per second, it was flashing, then flickered twice, then another flash a second 
after the first.  Has anyone else seen this?  The 2 per second flash pattern 
did appear by 02:04:30 UT.

	While waiting for the next passing sat, I saw an unknown passing by 
Deneb and the east end of the northern cross, Epsilon Cygnus.  In binoculars,
this sat passed along a close double star south of epsilon.  The match was for 
what OIG boringly calls SL-16 R/B, or 92-076B, the upper stage for Cosmos 2219.

	Lacrosse 2 on its pass slowly flared from 02:21:05 to 02:21:15 to first
magnitude from around 2.5.
Landsat 5 passes close to Vega at 02:41:24 UT +/- .5 sec, and faded into a cloud
that prevented a viewing of NOAA 11.

	The clouds cleared for a spectacular pass of USA 129.  As it came out of
shadow just before 03:03 UT, it was close to 4.5, but over the next 30 seconds 
flared to -1 to -1.5  USA 129 faded quickly to 4th mag, then flashed around
03:03:45 UT +/- 2 sec to -2.  This was a quick flash, maybe a quarter of a 
second long.  Beacuse I wasn't expecting this behavior, my timings aren't as
precise as I would like.

41.087N  80.714W 305 meters

Mike DiMuzio