RE: A possible satellite observation?

Ed Cannon (
3 Aug 99 21:31:32 CDT

Ted Molczan ( replied:

] Ed Cannon wrote:
] > I stumbled across an article called "A Starlike Glow on the
] > Gibbous Moon" written by an amateur astronomer.  [...]
] At the bottom of that page, another person offers a possible 
] explanation: at the same time that the glow was observed, a 
] bright star happened to be on the limb of the moon. [...]

Oops!  My apologies to everyone.  I was browsing from home via modem with
image-loading "off" and so due to that and/or haste and/or tiredness didn't
catch the fact that the text below what I had just read was a response to it.

On the same topic, Sue Worden wrote:

] [...] a grazing occultation, which I think we can eliminate in this
] case, since the light did not appear to move relative to the moon [...]

I've never observed a grazing occultation, but I sort of wonder if the star
was never actually occulted, how much it would move relative to the Moon in 5
minutes.  Mightn't the motion be imperceptible at least to some observers? 

] It seems unlikely that the observation could have been of a satellite, 
] because of the relative motion issues.

I actually did wonder what sort of orbit it would have to be for a satellite
to track the Moon from the observer's point of view, but I don't know enough
to figure that out!  I suspect that it's possible but might  have to be a
pretty weird orbit.

I went out a few minutes ago to try to see an Iridflar predicted -7 Iridium
flare with the Sun's elevation at "-0", but instead I found clouds, lightning
and the sound of thunder....

Has anyone else had any problems in the last few days sending messages to any
of the addresses at ""?  I'm having messages that I send from to that domain rejected ("550 access denied") but not those that I
send from  (On the other hand, my attempts to send messages to
Bart at his address from have been rejected,
while messages from go through okay!  Can any Internet wizard out
there shed any light on this?  I guess it must be some sort of blocking or
filtering somewhere, but it must be two different servers.  (Obviously this is
off-topic, so replies to this paragraph should be sent to me.)

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