Jake's unidentified flaring sat

Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@cpmx.saic.com)
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 09:59:06 -0700

Hi Jake,

Looks like no one has yet correctly identified your UNID from early
Sunday morning, August 1st.  I figured I'd give other people a
little time to ID it, but time's up!  ;-)  Your mystery satellite was
OAO 1 (#2142).  I've seen this satellite flare up to as bright as
magnitude +1 on several occasions.  OAO 1 culminated at 12:20:30 UT
(5:20:30am PDT) at azimuth 197, elevation 71, moving west to east.

To find it with SkyMap, you would need to set the magnitude limit
to at least +5.5.  If you do, you'll also notice that another mag
5.5 sat made a pass 1 minute earlier, culminating at 12:19:30 UT
at azimuth 189, elevation 62 -- OV 2-1/LCS2 D (#01642) -- also
moving west to east.  However, I discounted it since the time
was outside your window, and OAO 1 is a known producer of bright