First time view of a flasher

Rob Miller (
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 22:03:43 -0500

When we have clear skies over central Iowa USA, I like to check the
DLR-GSOC page for MIR and ISS orbits.  Tonight, I noticed that SL-16 would
pass high over head (68 deg) at 2.9 magnitude so I decided to take a chance
on seeing something different.

SL-16 must be tumbling rapidly because it was flashing as it passed over.
Can anyone tell me about SL-16?  Is it a tumbling piece of debris?  Is
there any value in trying to time the flashes?

Feel free to write to me directly.  Thank you in advance to the many
wonderful persons who participate in this list.

Rob Miller
Iowa City, Iowa, USA
41.7002144 and 91.6275864