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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 22:18:42 EDT

<< Iridflar is very accurate, so even with a 135mm lens you get a
 predicted flare perfect in your field of view.  >> -- Chris

To remove some of the guesswork, I generate a track of the Iridium's passage
with Skymap and use the star map as a reference, to center on the predicted
flare event.  For instance, if Skymap shows the flare center in Leo, I can
center my camera on Leo and be assured of catching the flare.  I also like to
set Skymap's viewing angle, to match my lense angle.  This allows me to
'compose' my shot at my PC before heading out to the tripod.

Good Luck!
My apologies to Mr. Dorreman.  I clicked "Send" before I edited the address