Re: Ir 27 tum- Magnitude

Jim Nix (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 13:38:03 -0500

Hi all,

Ralph McConahy wrote:

> Jim,
> You wrote, "Tracked Iridium 27 tum  . . . hardly any flashing"
> I've noticed that IRD 27 has better flashes when it is toward the west than
> when it is in the east (evening passes, it would be the opposite in the
> morning). Where did you see it, east or west?
>   Ralph McConahy
>   34.8829N  117.0064W  670m


    On 8/25, UTC, Ir 27 tum's  path was south to north from this location
passing about 25 degrees from zenith in the east.  Last night a few degrees
from zenith E (although my observing session was rained out)  and tonight a few
degrees from zenith to the W.
It will be interesting to observe whether or not it does flash brighter in the
E over the next
few evenings.

    Also thanx to JackWx, for your input on humidity and magnitude, and to
Russell for
your notes on Formats for posting observations.

On my 8/28 observations I mentioned an Iridium in addition to 27 tum that did
flash, but omitted which Iridium, it was Iridium 33.

Clear skies

Jim     35.21229  89.9356, 101 m