James Husnay Sr. (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:49:04 -0400

Dear fellow list members.

The October issue of Astronomy magazine was at my doorstep when I
returned home from work today. As I thumbed through after supper low and
behold whats been happening with our Sun over the past few days, VIA
the Coronal Mass Ejections, is explored in a fairly simplified and
understandable format by Adam Frank from the University of Rochester
Astrophysics Dept.

The article tells first hand what occurred within the past 3 or 4 days
and what is likely to occur down the road. Timely, ironic or what, its
must reading as to the effects these solar outbursts may or will have on
us as the new 11 year solar cycle is beginning to lap at our earthly

I hope you all find Blowin in the Solar Wind pages 60-65, as
informative as I with the fact we live in such high techno type world
which depends on so many facets such as satellites to maintain our
everyday lifestyle. I believe the article gives insight into the
importance of the scientific study that was being done by SOHO, and the
understanding of the natural forces that help protect us. I know that I
and possibly you sometimes casually take those forces for granted. I
really believe the article sheds new light, at least for me as to their