Delta II/Iridium Launch Update

Brian Webb (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:28:18 -0400

I'm workimg on a news story about next week's Delta II/Iridium launch from
Vandenberg AFB. I called the Public Relations group at the Delta missile plant in Huntington
Beach this morning at 09:00 PDT (17:00 UTC). Here's what the situation was at
that time:

The scheduled AUG 31 launch was slipped one day and the launch could be further
delayed depending on what happens with the investigation into the Delta III
explosion in Florida. The Delta II/Iridium launch is tentatively scheduled for
Tuesday SEP 01. The launch opportunities for next week are:

                                    Launch Window
                       Date          Opens (UTC)

                 Tuesday    SEP 01    21:52:39
                 Wednesday  SEP 02    21:47:04
                 Thursday   SEP 03    21:41:28
                 Friday     SEP 04    21:35:53

The launch will occur from SLC-2W. The geodetic data (to the nearest minute of
lat./long.) for this pad is:

                        Latitude:       34.767 N
                        Longitude:     120.633 W
                        Elevation (M): 10

If you're located in southern California and would like to watch the launch with
me, I plan to be up at Santa Ynez Peak near Vandenberg (above the fog, haze, and


Brian Webb, KD6NRP
Moorpark, California