Re: Delta III Galaxy X status

Philip Chien (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 13:03:56 -0400

Ron Lee <> asked:

>Does anyone have orbital parameters to generate a prelaunch elset?
>Times of burns is also desirable.

The Boeing web site has the times for the major events and some parameters.
With a lot of work somebody may be able to derive at least the orbit at the
time of spacecraft separation.

Here's a couple of the key numbers (my typing - possible typos)

Perigee - 185 km.
Apogee - 30,982.5 km. *
Inclination - 27.5 degrees
Arg Perigee - 178 degrees
Time - 2150 seconds after launch

* - this is the nominal contract value.  The propellants will be burned to
depletion allowing for a higher potential apogee

Launch window for Wednesday (Aug-26) is 8:48-9:53 p.m. EDT

eyeballing the ground plot map shows s/c separation occuring over the East
coast of Africa, close to Madagascar.

I don't have any details on when the satellite will perform its apogee
raising burns or other maneuevers, but one document says the separation
attitude will be so the s/c spin axis is aligned along the velocity vector
at the third apogee.  One might assume that the reason for that is that's
when the burn's scheduled.

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