ETS-7 Docking Timeline

Keith Stein (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:18:33 -0700

NASDA ETS-VII Rendezvous-Docking Critical Support 25 AUG - 26 AUG

The ETS-7 Control Center at Tsukuba, Japan stated that NASDA has
developed new on-board software which modifies the docking sequence
and will utilize this software for the next docking attempt.

Below is a timeline for the rescheduled docking attempt.

DOY237- 081945-090145Z  Uploading new on-board software 
Aug.25  114430-122630Z  Configure to the RVD Attitude mode
        132530-140730Z  Initialize GPS receiver
        150645-154845Z  Shift to relative navigation
        164830-173030Z  Monitor spacecraft status 
        201545-205745Z  Set up the maneuver
        215845-224045Z  Monitor spacecraft status 
DOY238- 234015-002215Z  Begin the maneuver
Aug.26  012115-020315Z  Stop at 500-1000m
        062745-070945Z  Resume approach 
        081145-085345Z  Stop at 150m point and hold
        095430-103630Z  RVR (Rendezvous Radar) acquisition
        113600-121800Z  Approach docking vector point and stop
        131700-135900Z  Reach Parking Point(PP=30m)
        145815-154015Z  Depart PP point for docking
        164015-172215Z  Docking complete and handover to normal
                        Attitude Control mode

There will only be opportunity for two additional attempts before the
Target spacecraft runs out of fuel. NASDA predicts fuel exhaustion on the
Target spacecraft approximately September 15th.  At present, both Chaser
and Target are power-positive and healthy.

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