Re: Tracking software

Björn Gimle (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 21:20:49 +0200

The answer to your question depends on your computer/observing =
habits and preferences...

If you don't feel uneasy using DOS programs, I can suggest my favourites
QuickSat by Mike McCants, and SkyMap by Rob Matson.
They work well in Win95 which I also use (but you can't run two copies =
Skymap -at least not in the same working directory- because it uses some
scratch files).

QuickSat is best at producing large detailed list of lots of =
objects/passes if=20
your PC is not an x86DX or Pentium.

SkyMap has many uses - colour-coded tracks on star maps of any scale,
alt/az true track charts, identifying unknown objects observed, =
elsets of objects observed late or early, predicting transits across Sun =
Moon (or through umbra during eclipse!) etc. It has several selection =
for objects/passes. It can also produce list, but only with time/az/el =
first selected/culmination/last select point of each pass.

Look at and some =
pages to find them.

Bjoern Gimle

>Hi all!
>I'm using SatSpy 2.5 now. Can someone recommend me any good tracking =
software for DOS or Win95? Thanx!