Superbird A

Matson, Robert (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 17:50:59 -0700

Hi All,

I realize this is terribly short notice, but the east coast of the U.S.
is now
in position to see the flashes from Superbird A (#20040).  Flashes
be visible Friday night from about 2:54 UT (August 22) to 3:10 UT,
depending on your location.  The further south you are, the earlier the
flashes.  Washington, D.C., for example will have its brightest flashes
tonite around 3:00 UT (11pm EDT, Friday, August 21).  The location is
azimuth 117, elevation 13.  Miami would expect them at 2:56 UT at
azimuth 109, elevation 16.  The center of the window for Boston is 3:03
at azimuth 123, elevation 16.  For reference, Jupiter will be 9 degrees
the upper left of Superbird A (mostly upper).

Saturday night will be much the same, but about 1 minute later.  The
elevation will be about a degree higher, and a degree and a half higher
in azimuth.  Use the following TLE to get Superbird's exact position
for your specific location:

Superbird A      2.4  2.6  2.2  6.2 d
1 20040U 89041A   98225.27816695 -.00000152 +00000-0 +10000-3 0 00295
2 20040 005.9654 057.0522 0008126 108.0638 252.1840 00.99754545033029