Soyuz TM-28 R/B & Mir

Matson, Robert (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:14:51 -0700

Hi All,

The decaying Soyuz TM-28 rocket will be making a twilight pass for
southern California this evening (Friday, August 14) around 8:12pm.
Culmination is around 45 degrees elevation in the northeast.  At
that time the rocket body will be at an altitude of about 153 km --
a mere 83 nautical miles!  It passes about 3 degrees beneath
Deneb at 8:12:45.  Decay is predicted for August 15th 1:30am PDT,
+/- 4 hours, so we may well be the last ones to see it.

Mir and the chasing Soyuz will make a nice high NW to SE pass
less than 20 minutes later.  Mir passes through Bootes at 8:29:45pm
PDT, culminates at 8:30:00 (~73 degrees), and enters the earth's
shadow at 8:32:30 low in the southeast to the lower left of the
Sagittarius teapot.  --Rob