Problems with Skymap
Tue, 11 Aug 98 12:37:34 -0500

     I'm trying to figure our what I saw last Saturday night while on 
     vacation in New Hampshire. 
     I downloaded the latest Molczan elsets and tried to run them through 
     Skymap. When I do, it runs for a bit and then gives me a run-time 
     error R6009 "not enough space for environment"
     What does this mean (I'm running Win95). 
     Also, is there a step-by-step guide t Skymap. I *think* I understand 
     the documentation , but I'm not so sure. I want to list the 
     passes/objects at a certain location within a 15 minute window, and 
     then plot them to see what I might have seen. 
     Eric Rosenberg
     Washington, DC