Re: default value for altitude, blue flash?, Iridial glints

Bjoern Gimle (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:40:15 +0200

>Could someone tell me what this is all about?
>default limit for altitude provided by glint prediction programs =
>Randy John's program, GSOC, and any others).  1 or 2 degrees is =

For Iridium flare predictions, IRIDFLAR has a configuration file where =
you set,
among other things, the lowest elevation (degrees above horizon) for =
you want predictions printed. Since this is dependent on the =
at your site, users should know what it (and most values in the file!) =
and set them according their observing habits..
E.g. the daylight magnitude - if you want to observe from home, you =
use a large negative value, but if you are prepared to travel, set a =
In any case, setting too wide limits may generate a distracting
amount of redundant predictions, and this is hardly desirable
at a public prediction service either.
>>Green flash?  Green glow?  Blue flash?  Well, how about a blue-green=20

At the final moment of sunset (or first of sunrise) a green flash can
sometimes be observed.