Re: Mir flare

Sun, 09 Aug 1998 21:06:01 -0400

Jonathan Wojack wrote:
> >re: Mir's Flares...
> >>Given that this is only the second time in at least a hundred
> >>observations that Mir exhibits a flare, I thought that this
> >>deserves a mention to SEESAT.
> >
> >Same here in Boston... Flares WERE rare on Mir, now they are popping up
> >everywhere... any thoughts? Will take a peek up close next pass, but I
> >suspect that *some* solar panels are no longer locked on the sun...?

I've seen several MIR flares over the years, as well as flares from
many other sats. While interesting, I never thought it was anything special
to record. I feel that virtually any sat can flare under the right
> What's this about flares from Mir?  Do you mean it got brighter than
> predicted, or that it was flashing, or something else?  Could someone
> repost their observations again or just summarize them?  Thanks!

A flare is when a sat gets brighter than normal for a few or several 
seconds and then fades back to its normal brightness.  It is not flashing
on a regular basis.

Thanks to Uwe Reimann, I have a movie of an Iridium flare at the top of my
SKY VIEWS site, listed below.

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