ETS VII satellites both seen

Sun, 9 Aug 1998 08:29:09 -0500

I was able to see ETS-VII satellites at 0932 this morning, August 9 in 7x35
binoculars; elevation 37 degrees azimuth 15, heading northeast. this was the
first clear morning in two days. They appeared steady (no evidence of
tumbling) and both were the same +4.5 magnitude during approximately 45
seconds of tracking. Estimated separation distance was about 0.25 degree.
Had a failure in my video system so I could not record them. Another attempt
will be made tomorrow morning.


Paul D. Maley

tel. 281-244-0208; fax: 281-244-1140
latitude 29.6049 north, longitude 95.1086 west, elev 6m