Yet another super-bright Mir spectacle

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 01:42:48 -0400

In SeeSat message
Walter Nissen quoted Jim Cook:

> Quicksat had 
> predicted Mir would brighten to -2.7 magnitude.  No way.  This went 
> way beyond that.  WAY BEYOND that.  The flare off Mir I saw tonight 
> would have rivaled the best of Iridium flares I've ever seen, 
> including the best of the three -7 magnitude flares I've seen.  And 
> this was during mid twilight, on top of it. 

To add another such observation -- On Saturday evening, July 25, a 
group of us at a star party, including Mike McCants and Sue Worden, 
saw one almost exactly like that -- just about as bright as any 
really good Iridium flare, lasting some seconds, and in twilight.  
The time was somewhere around 2:15 UTC on 26 July.  It was a whopper!  
Our location was "Canyon of the Eagles" -- 30.884, -98.430, 366m.

Ed Cannon -- -- Austin, Texas, USA