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I think people might be interested in this NASA news release

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Don Savage/Doug Isbell
Headquarters, Washington, DC                   August 4, 1998
(Phone:  202/358-1547)

Bill Steigerwald
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
(Phone:  301/286-5017)

Franco Bonacina
European Space Agency Headquarters, Paris, France
(Phone:  33-1-5369-7713)

RELEASE:  98-145


       Contact has been re-established with the European Space 
Agency (ESA)/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) 
spacecraft following six weeks of silence.

       Signals sent yesterday through the NASA Deep Space 
Network (DSN) station at Canberra, Australia, were answered by 
SOHO at 6:51 p.m. EDT in the form of bursts of signal lasting 
from two to ten seconds.  These signals were recorded both by 
the NASA DSN station and the ESA station at Perth, Australia. 
Contact is being maintained through the NASA DSN stations at 
Goldstone, CA; Canberra; and Madrid, Spain.

       Although the signals are intermittent and do not 
contain any data information, they show that the spacecraft is 
still capable of receiving and responding to ground commands. 

       "This is an excellent sign," said Dr. Joe Gurman, NASA 
SOHO Project Scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center, 
Greenbelt, MD.  "It means the spacecraft still has a heartbeat 
and gives us added optimism that we may be able to restore 
SOHO to scientific operation.  Our next step, already 
underway, is to continue the careful process of attempting to 
re-establish control of the spacecraft.  We will be 
attempting, in the near future, to begin data transmissions in 
order to get an assessment of SOHO's condition."

       More information, images and status reports from SOHO 
can be found on the Internet at:


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