Obs 31 July

Mike McCants (Mir16609@aol.com)
Sat, 1 Aug 1998 13:45:06 EDT

Hello Everyrone.

SL-16 R/B (25407)
This object was flashing at about a 3 second period during a pass in the NNW
at 21:57 EDT (01:57 UT, 1 August) and again at 23:39 EDT (03:39 UT, 1 August)
.  Every 2nd flash was a fairly bright one (> +2.0). It probably has a
rotational period of about 6 sec as was noted in a pervious posting.

SPOT 3 (22823)
During a pass at 22:28 EDT (02:28 UT, 1 August) I observed several short,
bright flashes about 12 seconds apart.  Between the bright flashes there were
several of dimmer magnitude 

Iridium 71 (24947)
For the most part this was an unremarkable pass that started at 21:23 EDT
(01:23 UT, 1 August).  Then it flared to a +2.0 - +2.5 mag. at 21:25:00 EDT
(02:23:00 UT, 1 August) for about 5 seconds.  Within 10 seconds following the
flare it returned to a +6.0 object.

Non"Added Value" Obs:

USA 32 (19460)
This object has become one of my favorites.   It will sparkle for a while
nearly every pass - often at 1x.  Through 12x50s it will look like a mini
fireworks display.  Such was the case last evening at  21:55:20 EDT (01:55:20
UT, 1 August) 

Iridium 27 (24947)
There will be a series of visible passes for this object in the NE USA.   As
noted in postings over the past few months, this object will generally give a
series of bright flashes during each pass. Last evening I obeserved it at
23:23 EDT (03:25 UT, 1 August) and even through a moderate haze the flashes
were visible at 1x.

Don Gardner
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39.1804N, 76.8419W 34m ASL