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Leo Barhorst (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 20:14:38 +0200

Robert Reeves wrote:
> Greetings fellow satellite observers,
> This is a note inviting all on this mailing list to drop in on my new
> astrophotography Web site at
> and see what I do with my Schmidt camera up at my observatory north of
> San Antonio.  Welcome and enjoy your visit.
> I have been on the SeeSat list for quite a while, but never introduced
> myself.  My name is Robert Reeves,49 years of age, and I live in San
> Antonio, Texas.  I am now mainly into visual satellite observing for the fun
> of it using the various prediction programs available for IBM compatibles.
> I am a writer, part time astronomy teacher and astrophotgrapher.
> My main interest is the bright satellites seen from my city back yard and
> any passes by multiple satellites, either in a cluster or by a chance alignment.
> Back in the early 1960's I began my satellite observing under the wing of
> Paul Maley when we were both high school students here in San Antonio.  He
> would predict them and I would photograph them.  It worked out well and I
> have been interested in satellite observing since.
> My first observation was in 1858 of the Sputnik 3 rocket body.  In                              ^^^^^^
> 1960, I saw the actual Sputnik 3 satellite, then after Echo 1 there was
> stuff everywhere to see.  I have been enjoying it since.
> Robert Reeves      
> 520 Rittiman Rd.             210-828-9036
> San Antonio, Texas  78209

So you're around 150 years old now, having observed satellites in 1858 !
I saw my first satellite in 1963 when I was 11 years old. It was one of 
the Echo balloons.
Must have been Echo 1, as Echo 2 was launched in 1964.

Leo Barhorst