STSPlus 9635

Josh R. Williams (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 05:39:09 GMT

STS Orbit Plus 9635 has been released for public download

Available from:
There is also a link there for people who are not in the United States, so
that they MAY have a faster download..                               =20

Excerpt from the STSPLUS.NEW file:

Version 9635 -- August 1996
-This is a MAINTENANCE UPDATE, incorporating several minor improvements.
-STSPLUS passed its 5th birthday in August, 1996! For those who have asked,=
I will continue to support and enhance STSPLUS as a DOS-based program at=20
least through the balance of 1996. A Win95/WinNT version, if that ever=20
happens, likely will not appear prior to 1997; the conversion to Windows=20
requires a complete rewrite of the program and documentation, currently=20
some 2MB of code and text. Even if a Windows version does appear, I will
continue to support the DOS version for some years.
-Changed the code which reads TLEs to automatically skip blank lines. The=20
code was updated both for primary satellite input (filename plus satellite=
name) and for TLE updates (filename plus "&"). Several users reported=20
problems with TLE files obtained from the Internet which were double=20
spaced; this modification allows the direct use of files with multiple=20
interspersed blank lines throughout the TLE file.
-Improved detection of non-DOS TLE files for automatic conversion to DOS=20
line termination format. STSPLUS now detects CR-CR and LF-LF and forces=20
conversion in those cases, as well as using a more robust algorithm to=20
detect standard UNIX and MAC formats.
-Added code so that F3 (Pass Predictions) from the Main Menu may be used=20
without first displaying the satellite on the map.
-Corrected the "NORAD-style" date display ("yyddd.dddddd") for correct=20
operation at year 2000 and beyond. The format for years beyond 1999 is=20
"00001.123456" (for 01 January 2000) where the year portion is the last two=
digits of the 4-digit year. The new format will be valid through the year=20
2049. Years 50 through 99 assume century 19 and years 00 through 49 assume=
century 20. (Since I would be 114 years old in 2050, someone else can worry=
about 2050 and beyond!)
-Added statute miles ("sm") to Perigee and Apogee calculated values=20
displayed with ALT-F1 from the Main Menu. As displayed, Perigee and Apogee=
are GEOCENTRIC values. All orbital data are calculated at the Epoch of the=
-Repaired islands in Northern Canada (again) for proper color in=20
orthographic projection. Hopefully I got it right this time ...
-Added "SAA" label to South Atlantic Anomaly.
-Updated internal NASA/DOD Tracking Station list per Dave Simonson, DOD C-
Band Radar Network. The external Tracking Station file, STSPLUS.TRK, has=20
also been updated.
-Corrected ascent profile to start at typical Pad 39 elevation. Prior=20
versions showed actual pad elevation prior to launch then reverted briefly=
to zero at launch.
-Automatic map redraw interval prior to shuttle launch has been increased=20
from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

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