Information re elements

vince gardiner (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 19:20:27 +1000

As a newcomer to satellite elements, is there some-one out there whom 
would be willing to educate me on the finer points of the elements. I 
have the course format description and understand some of it, but not the 
meaning behind the rest.
If this is in the too hard basket, (and I understand that you are busy 
people) would some-one explain what you mean when referring to ndot.
I suppose what I'm really asking for is if some-one has been asked this 
before, then they may have a reply already made up.
I'm learning new things every day in your correspondence on this 
intensely interesting subject. I've always maintained, a little extra 
knowledge is no burden to carry.
On a different subject, for what its worth, messages 1545, 2334, 2343, 
2346, 2356 refer to 18187 Cosmos1867 87-60 A becoming a flasher. I saw 
this satellite at 0800 UT 20/8/1996 and recorded at the time that it was 
'a good flasher'. I was not in a position to time it. It was naked eye.
My skies are cloudy, hoping yours are clear.
Vince Gardiner