Re: DRA video obsv's

R.B. Minton (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 14:41:26 -0600

In message Bart De Pontieu writes:
> Hi RB,
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> You have a valid point, if more video observers join, we'll have to warn
> them about compression.
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> Cheers,
>      Bart
This comment almost slipped by me unnoticed - I have not seen any video 
compression in my video taken with a Litton image intensifier.  I requested
info on other intensifiers currently supplying video to the BWGS; and there
was no response.  I invite you or anyone else who suspects they have video
compression to send me a sample video for my judgement.  You have a sample 
of my video - what is your opinion of it ???

R. B. Minton
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