RE: Internet time services/clock utility

Jeff Hunt (
Wed, 28 Aug 96 08:18:39 PDT

Jim Varney (I knew his name was familiar, now I know what he looks 
like and so can you if you go to his web site ;-) wrote (in part)

>There is a growing worldwide network of time servers that can be used to set 
>your PC clock.  According to informational web pages at the U.S. Naval 
>Observatory and at the University of Delaware, an accuracy of 1 millisecond 
>is possible accessing these time servers using the Simple Network Time 
>Protocol (SNTP). 

Regarding Jay's question, What about DOS?

You can find software for all platforms to correct computer time errors at:  (University of Delaware)

For information on Time (in general and links to time utilities) at the USNO 
go to:

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