Jim Varney (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 22:06:00 -0700

Thanks to Leo Barhorst, Bart and Bjoern Gimle for your comments about 
PPASINP.  I'm glad you all like it.

Leo Barhorst wrote:

>I agree with Bart as to convert initials to uppercase and checking the 
>data for faulty entries.

I'll be able to add this error-checking fairly easily.

>Could it be possible to keep the initials fixed and only changed upon 
>request, as mostly only one and the same observer will use his copy of 
>the program.

That is the case now.  You only need to enter Setup once.  PPASINP writes
a small PPASINP.INI file to your Windows directory, saves all of the
Setup information there, and reads it back with each use.

>As I do a lot of observing I mostly appriciate the possibility to keep 
>the date, as in satflash (by option F7).

To be honest, I did not know there was a satflash program until now.
So I'm not sure what F7 does.

In PPASINP, the trick is to not clear your previous entry.  Just enter
the satellite cospar and tab through the year, month, date.  You don't
have to retype it.

>Once a file is chosen to write your obs to, can it be the default file 
>when you next choose APPEND?

The program is now configured so that the first time you append the file
with each session, you must navigate to the file.  With each append after
that for a given input session, the Save File box will go to the path
and file that was last appended.

The best thing to do is to have all of your observations together in
chronological order and input them all at the same time.  This will
allow the least amount of typing and mouse-clicking.

Bart asked:

>If Jim agrees, We'll keep a copy at the ftp-site in Oxford too?

Oh yes.  It's there in the sat/programs/pc directory.

>Any chance you could adapt it for DRA? 

Yes.  That shouldn't be too tough, including Bjoern's suggestion
of adding a field for the time signal.  But before I do this, are you 
completely comfortable with the DRA reporting format as it stands now?

 -- Jim