Flashing satellite

R.B. Minton (rbminton@sembilan.UCHSC.edu)
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 07:42:21 -0600

Hi Bart:  I never heard whether or not you wanted my observations of a flashing
satellite so I will post this for general Seesat-L consumption.  Does anyone
know what satellite this was based on flash interval, time, & position?
Video observations of Perseid meteors captured this satellite on 8-12-96 UT at
the following UT times:  (local time was midnight +24 minutes)
06:23:59   F
06:24:20  fFf
06:24:40   FF
06:25:01   fF
The double & triple flashes were all about 1/3 sec. duration so the entire
flash sequence was over in about 1 sec.  The first flash was very near a colon
in the time/date display and partially masked by it.  The magnitude ranged from
about 7 for f and about 5 for F.  It was invisible at other times.  Limiting 
magnitude is about 9.
At 06:24:20, it was very near v2 Cass at RA 0h 55m, Dec +59.  It was moving from
N to S at about 6 deg/min.

Incidentally, I only captured 27 meteors in 5 hours of videotaping - down by a 
factor of 5 (with the same equipment) from a few years ago.  I also videotaped
5 satellites, 1 bird, and 0 UFO's.

R. B. Minton
Colorado State Director of Investigations
Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)