Re: TiPS, character of pass, orientation

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 16:28:02 +0100 (CET)

Walter Nissen writes:

>Also timed C* 2251 r and C* 1898 r, if anyone wants the periods. 

Yes! The Belgian Working Group Satellites remains highly interested in 
reports of flash period measurements. Your observations will be added to
our database of Photometric Periods of Artificial Satellites (PPAS) which
contains over 40,000 observations of over 1300 different artificial 
satellites. [apologies to SeeSat-L old timers who have heard this xxx

Just send your observations to
Kurt Jonckheere ( will collect those observations 
and enter them into the PPAS.

And if you've made multiple timings of flashes during one or several
passes of a selected few satellites, send them to me. I will use that data
for the DRA project aimed at determining the rotation axis of certain
satellites. Unfortunately, I've had very little time recently to 
analyze the DRA data, but hope to get to it in September. I will also
try to reply to questions some of you have asked as soon as possible
(RB, I haven't forgotten you!).

The bottomline is: even if we seem silent at times, and feed-back is
scarce, we *are* still interested in observations of flash period

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