Ray Talipsky (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:40:54 -0400

I'm Ray Talipsky  (CozmicRay)
I've been lurking on seesat for a long time
I am an avid amateur astronomer with LX-200
using C-Sat for the past month

In my vocation
I have built, tested and operated
Landsat 4
Landsat 5
UARS   --  STS 48
		STS integration, Crew training, EVA development/training
EOS-AM1    (launch 6/98)
GE Astro space
Martin Marietta Space
now  Lockheed-Martin

Some info   UARS solar array stopped at 298 deg position
             due to drive problems -  7 of 10 instruments still giving data
             its golden color due to a lot of kapton foil blankets
	      that have a copper/gold outer layer
	     the spacecraft is YAWed 180 deg every 40 days or so
	      to keep the sun on the hot side of the SC

A question  While my astronomer friends are looking up
	     they will see a satellite, even pass thru a telescope
	      field of view      WHAT WAS THAT?
	    ?What is the best/easiest way for me to back out a
		RA, Dec, and time to a named satelite?
		I can Mac, PC or UNIX.

	    Lots of questions about the triples  NOSS
		Where can I find the NOSS FAQ


Ray Talipsky

                                            Lat.  40.05  N
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space            Long. 75.24  W
610-354-1427(voice) 2201 (fax)              Elev. 200 ft