re: Perseid/Stellafane/NOSS FAQ

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 19:44:17 -0400

> From: (Max White \(Kettering Group) 
> Subject: Re: Perseid/Stellafane/NOSS FAQ 
> Date: Sun Dec 31 22:05:10 1989 
I find this date particularly amusing in view of the fact that I am way, 
way overdue in replying to your helpful message about the Tselina elints. 
But I'm not so overdue as to deserve this date!!!! 
I do apologize, and hasten to assure you that I have not forgotten, nor 
lost interest.  In fact, I am busily assimilating a good bit of data 
kindly provided by Allen Thomson and fully intend to have a reply for you 
in the foreseeable future. 
> dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Walter Nissen) writes: 
> (Sue J. Worden) writes: 
>   Mike McCants forwards this: 
>   > UHF F/OF7 TO UFO 7 (USA 127). 
>   Since when does the Air Force tell the Navy what the Navy's satellites are 
>   called? 
> It isn't. USSPACECOM is a unified command for all services. You are getting 
> it confused with Air Force Space Command. 
Very interesting.  You wouldn't happen to know which of these commands was 
commanded by the general whose predilection to squire his mistress around 
in Air Force jets at $5000 per hour was disclosed by the media (CBS' 60 
Minutes? or ABC's 20/20?)? 
> The name also changed following launch from the project to the orbital one, 
> as happens quite regularly. 
Has anyone paid attention to whether there might be any preference for one 
or the other?  I recall pointing out that EGP's name changed to EGS.  But 
no one I know seems to care.  Does anyone have statistics about which type 
of name predominates? 
Walter Nissen          
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