Any ideas what this was? (fwd)

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Subject: Any ideas what this was?

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Dear Sir:

On 14-aug-96 people from a wide area in Argentina and also in
Chile observed a strange phenomenon which was described as a ring-shaped
object crossing the sky from south to north. They described it as
luminous and with a halo. Time: between 21.00 and 21.10 local time
(24.00 to 00.10 gmt). Duration: aprox. 20 minutes. Local media termed it
a ufo. Our interpretation is that it was a fireball or a re-entry.
Could you help us to identify the sighting? Could it be one of the more
than 8000 objects NORAD are tracking on the Earth=B4s orbit?

=09=09=09Heriberto Janosch & Alejandro Agostinelli