Soyuz r observed

Leigh Palmer (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 21:46:52 -0700

Goes like a bat out of hell, doesn't it? Bright (mag -2 at brightest,
but must have tumbled because it got very dim and then brightened
fully once more). It followed nearly exactly the trajectory I had
plotted using these elements (no discrepancy noted at that speed):

Soyuz rocket
1 24281U 96047B   96233.55434296  .03453704  12247-4  43799-3 0   233
2 24281  51.6164 158.9283 0011976 110.2895 249.9998 16.34875358   491

(I'm sorry, I don't remember whose they are, but thanks!)

Shadow entry at 21:23:38 PDT (04:23:38 21 Aug UT) and no sign of a
glowing object after that. That's about 17 seconds earlier than
shadow entry predicted by Orbitrack. Timing is good to +/- 2 s
because I didn't have my tape recorder.

I'm going back out to see Mir now. It was raining at this time yesterday
in Burnaby. It's fantastic out there now (if you put your chair where
you can't see the Moon).

My thanks to Mike McCants for the phone call.