Progress not observed.

sbolton (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 22:07:28 -0300

Raduga not observed  at 00:30 UTC Aug 21. Path predicted by Satspy using
Allan Pickup's 233.29966095 elset. The sky was clear but at start of
nautical twlight.
The sat was predicted to be in shadow-as last night.

Thanks to those who responded to my questions. I lurk on this group but
seldom contribute. I feel like kicking myself for nor realizing immediately
that I was seeing a "skip" and not re-entry. I was perfectly placed to see
the next pass!
Anyway, goodbye Raduga you were great- I'm hooked. Soyuz RB next?

                                              Steve Bolton
                                              Lat 45.5 N
                                              Long -66 W