More TiPS

Maley, Paul D. (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 08:30:24 -0500

After Jeff Hunt's posting I decided to add this note. I observed TiPS this 
morning at 10:22UT using the last elset for day 203. It is still quite 
reliable. While I did not measure time offset it was certainly on position 
within half a minute of the predicted time if not very much closer. This is 
the second pass with the same geometry in 2 days. The passes have been 
uniquely different in appearance. The one on Aug. 18 showed little flashing 
from the end masses while the tether was much easier to see than this 
morning. There was prolonged brightening from end masses on at least two 
occasions today and one brightening much more intense than usual. I will be 
showing both of these contrasting videos at EUROSOM 2. The TiPS is a dynamic 
object and merits watching.

Paul Maley