FAST launch rescheduled for 8/21

Jim Varney (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 22:41:37 -0700


Sunday, Aug 18: This morning's launch attempt was aborted due to=
problems. The L1011 took off from Vandenberg at
0150 PDT, the launch was aborted at 0235 PDT and the L1011 landed=20
at Vandenberg at 0325 PDT.=20

Monday, Aug 19: Yesterday's communication problem has been isolated to the=
between ground and the L1011; there were no
problems with FAST or Pegasus. Although the problem has not been resolved,=
it has been characterized sufficiently to permit launch Wednesday morning.
FAST is undergoing a complete functional test today.
Launch is now scheduled for August 21. The L1011 will drop the Pegasus XL at=
approximately 0246 PDT. The drop coordinates are
approximately 36=B0 00' N 123=B0 00' W, which is about 60 miles west of Big=
The Pegasus may be visible as far south as Los Angeles.=20