Next PPAS-update, please send your observations

Kurt Jonckheere (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 21:44:42 +0200

hello observers,

Till now I (I mean the address received only a
few observations.

It seems that the summertime for Norhern latitude observers means a
dip in the observations of flashing satellites... or is it only 
the entering of observations that takes more time for you ?

To give you some additional time I will wait until Sunday to create 
the next update of our database of Photometric Periods of 
Artificial Satellites, PPAS.  

 Please don't hesitate to send your observations 
 preferably in the correct format to 
 before Sunday August 25.

You can find more information about the PPAS via our web-pages:
or you can drop me a mail.  In return I can send you a description
of the correct PPAS-format or other information you need.

Even if you are very new to making flash observation, don't
hesitate to send us your flash period timings, every observation
is valuable !

Happy observing,

Kurt J (observations collector)

        Kurt Jonckheere (   51.2 N  2.9 E 
    observations collector for the Belgian Working Group Satellites: 
Send your observations of flashing satellites, preferrably in the correct
     PPAS format to or
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