Re: Teledesic's satellites visibility

Larry Van Horn (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 12:27:51 -0400

At 06:07 PM 8/14/96 +0100, Master Bart wrote:

>The author of the message ( -he's not on SeeSat-L)
>correctly guessed I'm busy right now. I figured perhaps someone on SeeSat-L
>has already taken a look at this problem and can share his results with us,
>as I think it may be interesting to all observers.
>Also, does anyone know whether Teledesic's project is 'real' and not just a
>marketing hoax ?

To Bart and the rest of the folks on this fine list:

While I can't answer the question directly about visibility issues, I can
tell you that the Teledisc project by Bill Gates and Craig McCaw is real (US
$10 miilion real). They have aleardy secured the RF spectrum in the Ka-band
for the project at the last WRC 95 conference giving them worldwide approval
and scope for the project. There would be 21 planes with 40 sats in each
plane at 430 miles altitude. Nothing has been released thus far that I have
seen regarding the size, etc of these new satellites.

Hope that helps a little, best regards to all,

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