Thu, 15 Aug 1996 02:33:20 -0400 (EDT)

> >> The RAE Table of Earth Satellites
> >I'm not sure if they have any left, but the British Interplanetary Society had 
> >some copies of this that they were selling off at a ridiculously cheap price, 
> >(something like 7 pounds 50 pence plus 5 pounds postage).
> >Might be worth E-mailing them at
> A few years ago, Leo Barhorst distributed (in the BWGS, on our Flash-disk)
> a set of files which contained most of the RAE-Tables. He has apparently
> typed in most of the RAE-Tables by hand, and I know that Tristan Cools had
> a similar project going 5 years ago. Maybe it's time for us to put it on the
> SeeSat-archives (e-mail, ftp or WWW), if the author(s) agree. Leo should be
> back from holidays next week, I think.

Good idea!  I wrote to the email address above but got no response.  An 
electronic version would be helpful to many.  Scanning would make the job 
easier and more accurate.

 Jay Respler
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