RE: NOSS constilation at Stellafane

Ted Molczan (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 12:52:03 -0400

Jay Respler wrote:

>Someone saw a group of 3 sats last Sat. night and asked me what they were.
>She said they were about mag 2-3, 

>I checked for her and found NOSS 2-2 went directly overhead at 10:46 pm.
>You obviously saw the same pass.  Seems like they were quite bright.

I received reports of bright satellite triplets seen
on 8 and 9 August, from a location somewhat west of
Toronto. I identified the passes as NOSS 2-1 and 
NOSS 2-2 respectively. I do not know how often these
objects reach mag 2-3, but I wonder whether or not
there is any significance to these sightings occurring
so close in time. My guess is that it is a coincidence,
but it is interesting.

Ted Molczan