cheap plane fare to Eurosom 2

Mike McCants (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 13:12:55 -0500

I just made a reservation for Austin to Brussels and return for
the incredibly low price of $522.

The travel agent said that Delta, American, United, and KLM are
having a sale until August 20.  Travel must depart M-Th, stay
over the weekend, and depart M-Th.

My morning paper said that the 10% airfare excise tax and $6 per
passenger international tax will likely be re-imposed on August 27.
But tickets issued now will not have to pay these taxes.

The URL for the Eurosom home page is:

Eurosom attendees from the US can either send the registration fee
to Belgium as an International Postal Money Order or send me
a check for $14 so that I can send a combined check by September 15.

If you need more information about Eurosom, please contact Bart or me.

Mike McCants