NOSS constilation at Stellafane

David Bishop (
Tue, 13 Aug 96 09:01:04 EDT

I found my self at Stellafane over the last weekend, without my satellite
elements due to a hard drive crash on my machine at home.

I found myself standing in a circle of people which included Al Nagler
(the guy who makes eyepieces) and his new 5" refractor (which he was
demoing).  I was pointing out a couple of black nebula I know, comet
Hale-Bopp, going "wow" whenever a good Persiad came over when something
interesting happened.

A NOSS constillation, 3 satellites flying in formation, popped into
view.  As an avid See-sater I knew exactly what it was, but due to
my hard drive being down, I didn't know which one.  Would somebody please
run a pass for me?

Stellafane is held in Springfield VT, roughly 43.4 N by 72.5 W, 430' el
and EDT time.

The pass was at 10:45 pm EDT (roughly, I was awfully busy at the time)
going from about AZ 330 to about AZ 160, max el was aboput 70 degrees west.
It passed into shadow at about 40 degrees south.

Anybody with a live system to help me out?

Yes, I do have a new 1.6 GIG C-gate drive on order, but now I have to
reload the thing.

                            David Bishop

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