unidentified flasher

vince gardiner (vgardi@coffs.net.au)
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 20:36:36 +1000

At about 08.26 UT this day 12th aug 1996 we observed a flasher moving 
through Corona Borialis from approx 300 to app 70 deg az. The stop watch 
at first didn't work, but I managed to time from flash 1 to flash 7 ie. 6 
flashes at 43.56 secs. Mags were approx 2 > inv. Skymap does not 
indentify this satellite to us except with the possibility of 10793 Yuri 
r, but the Skymap elevation is too high. Can anyone enlighten me on this 
one please.
regards Vince Gardiner
location 153 04 56 east  30 20 43 south.