Unknown object near Mir

Edward S Light (light@argoscomp.com)
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 08:13:44 -0400

On 1995 Aug 29 at about 01:30 UTC (Aug 28, 21:30 EDT), while watching Mir
pass in my northern sky, I noted an unknown (to me) object moving to the
right, essentially parallel to Mir's path, but much lower, and perhaps a
half- to one minute earlier, passing below Polaris at about 01:30.5 UTC by
which time it was fading (presumably as it was entering the earth's shadow,
which Mir itself did a little later.

I first noticed this unknown object near Beta UMa at which time it was
at approximate magnitude +2.0 moving towards the right - in fact initially
I couldn't understand why Mir was appearing much lower (abour 20 degrees)
lower than predicted!

Does anyone have a clue as to what this object was? My northern sky was
rather hazy, but I don't think this was an airplane. Did a piece of Mir
undock? My position was: North 40.067 deg, West 074.222 deg, 111 feet elev.

Thanks in advance!