Re: Best Film/Shutter/f-stop combination for satellite photography?

Nick Quinn (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 22:53:30 GMT

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> Quick question:  What's the best film speed/shutter speed/and f-stop
> combination to take pictures of satellites?  It should be noted that I'm
> currently using a 35mm, with 1000 speed film, and a shutter speed of
> 20 seconds.  I use a 58mm lens, at an f-stop of 1.2.

400 ISO is generally the most useful. It has smaller grain than the 1000 ISO 
stuff. Shutter speed is dependent upon the time the satellite takes to go 
across the field of view, so exposures are normally of the order of 30 seconds 
with a standard lens. You might like to try stopping down to f/2 as well. 

As with all astro-photography the important rule is to bracket exposures and 
take lots of pictures ;-)

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