Re: UNKNOWN object streak across the solar disk in a GOES-16 image

From: Sebastien F4GRX via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2022 09:51:05 +0200

At first I thought this image was from SDO, this one is very similar 

But it seems that GOES-16 has a SUVI (Solar Ultraviolet Imager) 

it provides similarly tinted images :

Today I learn!


Le 22/04/2022 à 05:19, George Roberts via Seesat-l a écrit :
> This streak doesn't make sense as an asteroid, satellite or other 
> roundish object passing in front of the sun.
> Bright objects can make lines like this as the camera lens is 
> effectively open for a long time (for example 2 seconds) and the 
> object can easily be 1000X brighter than the dark background of "space".
> But dark objects can not.  The line would be too faint to see. 
> Certainly fainter than shown in the photo.
> For example if the object is round you can see the line is easily 100 
> times - probaby 500 times longer than the line is thick.  Even if only 
> 100, then for every pixel that is dark across the sun, the pixel could 
> only be dimmed by 1%.  Because only 1% of the time that the shutter 
> was open was the sun dimmed in that area.  This looks closer to 100% 
> dimming (at least 50% dimming).  So this is not some small round object.
> It could be a long skinny wire of some sort?  Or a crack int he lens?  
> Or some artefact of the camera. Or a badly stiched panoramic. Or may 
> other things.  But it's not an eclipsing object unless that object is 
> long and skinny like a wire.
> Also isn't GOES16 always pointed at the earth?  Never the sun? Also 
> this photo is in some strange wavelength.  Maybe xray or ultra 
> violet.  Oh - I see goes-16 does have UV and Xray sensors. Okay.  So 
> maybe it could be GOES 16.
> - George
> On 4/21/22 18:07, Gonzalo Blasco via Seesat-l wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Sam Deen, in the MPML (Minor Planet Mailing List) have just reported a
>> transit that seems a satellite for me, although he thinks It could be 
>> a NEO
>> I copy paste his email asking for your opinion
>> At 21 abr 2022 a la(s) 16:54, Sam Deen wrote:
>> *I noticed that in a recent solar image taken by GOES-16 there is a very
>> visible streak across the solar disk and surrounding Corona:*
>> ** 
>> <> 
>> *This is very strange for quite a few reasons:*
>> *1: GOES-16 is in geosynchronous orbit*
>> *2: this image was taken while GOES-16 was over Earth's day-side, 
>> meaning
>> that it was looking FURTHER than geosynchronous orbit*
>> *3: the streak clearly appears quite strong, suggesting a rather 
>> large and
>> slow-moving object transited across the sun.*
>> *This seems to have all the features of a near-earth asteroid 
>> photobombing
>> the Sun on a near-Earth approach. Even the apparent brightness 
>> fluctuation
>> doesn't seem to indicate a satellite: you can see the apparent 'largest'
>> parts of the streak are where the Sun is dimmest, while the 
>> 'thinnest' are
>> where the Sun is brightest. The actual trail is quite constant, but the
>> brightness it silhouettes varies.*
>> *Can anyone with more familiarity with the GOES-16 satellite identify 
>> what
>> exactly this object is? Unfortunately the released image is highly
>> contrast-enhanced so it's hard to tell anything concrete about the 
>> streak.*
>> *~Sam*
>> Do you think a Sat is possible at this orbit with this kind of path, 
>> or is
>> it more like a natural object?
>> Sincerely,
>> -- 
>> Gonzalo Blasco Gil
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