Nice visual observation of recently launched chinese rocket body Long March 2C

From: Gonzalo Blasco via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2020 22:56:19 -0500
Hello everyone,

First post here, a short introduction. Im an amateur astronomer 41years
old. I observe the stars since 1993. Now Im trying to learn about watching
and tracking satellites.

I want to report it was unexpected today to watch a body very bright
clearly tumbling (changing magnitude up and down) like a rocket body. After
recording  the path in my notebook, i looked afterwards in CALSKY and  it
is CZ-2C R/B 2020-021D NORAD 45463

It is the last launch of March 24th 2020 from CHINA, a Long March 2C body
rocket, it launched several surveillance satellites.

The magnitude was about 1.5 to 2.5 in the pass (about the same britht of
Denebola Beta Leo) I watched with a variability of 1Mag aprox (up and

It was watched from 20.7567N -107.3736W , from 022630UTC to 022800UTC

I found the prediction afterwards in CALSKY but it reports MAG3.6 to
MAG4.0, but in my observation the body was clearly brighter.

The path prediction of calsky was quite accurate, passing at the side of
Vindemiatrix (EPS Vir) at 022745UTC

Hope it helps

Nice watching!

Gonzalo Blasco Gil
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